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10 Haunted Hotel in America

Ramada Plaza Hotel
Rumor had it that Walter Schoreder (hotel owner) was murdered, and his spirit haunts visitors interfere with the faucet turned on, lights, yelling, and reveal themselves.

Queen Mary Hotel
is a floating city flooded with great elegance, with a strong mystical atmosphere.
listed on the National Register Historic Places, and also remains one of the most famous places in california.

Guests of the Hotel Queen Mary who dared to accept the challenge by the Self-Guided Tour Shipwalk.

Many strange events and tapping noises, voices without bodies, and the appearance of a ghost walking in the hallways and stairs have been reported by staff, visitors, and researchers in the ship docked.

crescent Hotel
The guests have reported many sightings and other strange happenings in a number of guest rooms, lobby, and dining room.

You do not need to live in a haunted room to see a real ghost in the Crescent Hotel
Outdoor Recreation, ghost of Dr. Norman Baker often appears, he ran a controversial hospital and health resort in the building during the 1930s. Many people believe that the springs flowing beneath the hotel is an attractive energy of a ghost sightings.

Is this a publicity trick to help the hotel's nearly bankrupt? It could, but this hotel really start doing business properly before the ghost appear

Sagamore Hotel
Located in the Adirondack Mountains unspoiled, Sagamore features the Historic Hotel, with elegant decor, and The Lodges, decorated in a relaxed style of Adirondack style.
Many golfers say that ghosts imaginable disisni stole their golf balls and their dates, and you can hear him laugh out loud. They say she'll chase the ball and steal your woman from behind a tree.

Heathman Hotel

Room 703 is the most haunted places. Guests who leave the room will be surprised to find a towel used getting clean back, a glass of water out, tables and chairs move by themselves. of record Hotels reperts that no one uses an electronic key to enter the room. but this incident happened too often to be assumed as a prankster

Stanley Hotel

Hotel, which opened in 1909, haunted by Flora Stanley, the wife of the hotel owner, who likes to play the piano late at night. Often seen his spirit is said to haunt the visitors and migrant.

Le Pavilion Hotel

many strange noises at night, inarticulate, and often the appearance of a figure standing at the foot of her bed guests. Coverlets Sheets and lifted into the air, from the afternoon until after midnight.

Hotel Del Coronado

The most famous legends and ghost stories in this hotel is the ghost of Kate Morgan, who stayed at this hotel in 1892 to meet with the husband's reply was lost.

Provincial Hotel
Many ghost hunters and guests come just to hear the stories about ghost stories about this hotel. and the ghost hunters come here purposely to prove with their own eyes.

Carolina Inn
Often followed by a guest to tell a man who disappeared when they turned to face him. Staff and guests are also told that the appearance of a man, wearing a black suit wearing a knitted hat, long blue Parker-style coat is often scared them


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