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10 endangered animals of extinction

Black-Feet weasel
Plain area located in North America
Amount remaining: about 1000
The only native ferret is one of the most endangered mammals. In 1986, there only 18 individuals remaining.

there are in Nigeria and Cameroon
Amount remaining: less than 300
The idea for memunahkannya the 80s, this species began to be handled now. Hunted for meat and by the development group, it may not last long.

Gold-Headed Langur
found in Vietnam
Amount remaining: less than 70
It all but wiped out, primates are placed under protection in 2000. They live in danger, but in 2003 it has increased for the first time in a decade

Sumatran tiger
located in Sumatra, Indonesia
Amount remaining: less than 600
This small tigers live only in Sumatra over millions of years, made it difficult to escape the human expansion. Many surviving tigers living in the reserve, but the approximately 100 who live outside the boundaries of the protected area.

Borneo pygmy elephants
located in North Borneo
Amount remaining: about 1500
Shorter than the Asian elephant approximately 20 inches. (50 cm), Borneo pygmy elephant also more benign.

Giant Panda
there are in China, Burma, Vietnam
Amount remaining: less than 2000
Loss of habitat and distribution is a dangerous state of panda-panda. Livestock prisoners and special protection to help the panda survive.

Javan Rhino
found in Indonesia and Vietnam
Amount remaining: less than 60
Maybe this is the rarest large mammals. Horns valued by poachers, and the woods appreciated by the developer.

Polar bears
located in the Arctic polar circle
Amount remaining: less than 25,000
Human development and poaching have long threatened polar bears, but climate change and loss of sea ice is now pushing into the critical list.

located in the Gulf of California.
Amount remaining: 200 to 300
One of the rarest in the world Cetacean, Vaquita threatened by the limited space and pleasure with pemburu2 with nets to catch fish.

Mekong Giant Catfish
located in the Mekong region, Southeast Asia
Amount remaining: hundreds
Appreciated for the very large size (the largest ever caught 646 lb., Or 293 kg), now protected in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, but the fishing continues.


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