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Wat Pa Maha Kaew - temple of bottle

Wat Pa Maha Kaew in Thailand, the temple built from millions of bottles of various forms. Starting from the year 1984 in which the preacher pastor buddha collecting unique bottle to decorate their temples. Collection bottle which was then set turned out to be interesting sights.

Wat Pa Maha Kaew was decided to build a temple from a collection numbering bottle so much, any shape and color variety. This situation led to the temple to visitors contributed their bottles .From collected millions of bottles that eventually follows a temple built supporting structure. Even the bottle, who became the main decoration in Wat Pa Maha Kaew temple. What a unique and interesting sights.

This unique Wat Pa Maha Kaew-temple is in Siasaket province, 370 miles north of the capital of Thailand. The number of bottles for the development of the whole complex to reach 1.5 million bottles. Including the solarium, crematory and even toilets are made entirely from the bottle.

Now you can imagine,
Thailand people are creative,
in order that, they can built this Wat Pa Maha Kaew temple


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