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10 Greatest Event in the Universe

1. Sea-level falls

Basically, if the sea level dropped drastically (either through the Global Cooling or drowned in the middle of the ocean ridges), can reduce the area around the Continental Shelf cause all the small fish, sharks, whales and almost all life in the big blue dead. If it is not bad enough, the weather can change dramatically leading to mass extinctions on earth (that means us).

2. Impact Events

Impact event is a large rock falling from space. Basically it sends a big stone dust and aerosols into the atmosphere, causing not only the plants die, but also lower the temperature. Large stones can cause mega-tsunamis and global forest fires.

3. Global Cooling

As described in "The Day after Tomorrow", for some reason the earth would be too cold too quickly cause death to many of the poles and were animals. In turn will lead to mass migrations to the equator. Lucky to find water because most of the ice and snow.

4. Global Warming

This is essentially the other side of Global Cooling. Melting snow and ice will make more in the sea and possibly cause Anoxic event

5. Clathrate Gun

This is the formation of the Continental Shelf Clathrates. Clathrate is a methane-covered water. If this split release methane gas into the atmosphere causing global warming accelerated.

6. Anoxic Events

Anoxic Events occur when the sea was empty of oxygen on the surface. Although not occur during anoxic millions of years, the geological record shows that has occurred several times in the past. Anoxic may have caused mass extinctions. Black lines in the picture above is from aptian anoxic event.

7. Hydrogen Sulfide Emissions

This can occur when the disturbance of the balance between plankton and bacteria that reduce sulfate. Think of hydrogen sulfide emissions suddenly rose from the sea to poison all things on land and sea. And if it was not enough, can also destroy ozone.

8. Oceanic Overturn

Overturn Oceanic basically rise the deeper water to the surface. Water under a little oxygen, so that the sea surface will be starved of oxygen, too.

9. Gamma Ray Bursts

When the star has exploded. Before you can say "oh damn!" You and everyone else in the world has died. It is a Gamma Ray Burst. You see that basically Gamma kills every cell in your body. But if he is weak only half of the planet, who died instantly. However, ozone will be lost and eventually will die too....

10. Human Cause

Humans have become so strong to avoid natural hazards. But unfortunately, he himself has developed a method for mass extermination. The most obvious is nuclear war. We have enough nuclear on the planet to destroy all life - something that seems closer in the past (think of the Cuban missile crisis). But we can hope that one day we become secure enough to not use the weapons on a global scale.

They are, 10 Greatest Events in the Universe
So... WATCH OUT !!!


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