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The Pawn Shops Information

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5 Best Discotheque ever in the world

Ibiza has the largest nightclubs in the world. Those who really want to discover what the night life in freedom invited to discover the latest trends in electric, house and trance music.

Halikarnas, Turkey is the only club in the world founded by the Roman style, where the party took place in the open and fresh air to invite you to have more fun.

Miniscule of Sound, London is a club night for couples or for those who love the intimacy, in the truest sense of the term. It is also the world's smallest disco nightclub.

Light is everything, the Reina Bruja, Madrid has a combined use of light, color and curves that make the changes constantly.

Located in Santo Domingo, Guacara Taina is actually a cave, and this is one of the oldest clubs in the world. Familiarity settings, which is located at several meters below ground, offering pleasant one.

Whatever you say,,, they are 5 Greatest , coolest, or best Discotheque ever in the world

What is hydrocephalus / hidrosefalus ??

I. Definition
Hydrocephalus is a pathological disorder of the brain that result in increased cerebrospinal fluid with or had a raised intracranial pressure, so there is widening of the ventricles. Ventricular dilation is due to an imbalance between production and absorption of cerebrospinal fluid. Always be secondary hydrocephalus, as a result of disease or brain damage. The existence of these disorders cause a large head and suture. The suture widening and the crown.

II. Epidemiology
Incidence of hydrocephalus between 0,2-4 every 1000 births. The incidence of congenital hydrocephalus is 0,5-1,8 on every 1000 births and 11% -43% stenosis caused by cerebral aqueductus. There was no significant difference in incidence for both sexes, also in terms of racial differences. Hydrocephalus can occur at any age. In Adolescents and adults more often caused by Toxoplasmosis. Infantile hydrocephalus; 46% is due to abnormalities in brain development, 50% for subaraknoid hemorrhage and meningitis, and less than 4% due to posterior fossa tumors.

III. Etiology
Hydrocephalus occurs when there is blockage of the flow of cerebrospinal fluid (CSL) in one place between the formation of CSL in the ventricular system and the absorption in subarachnoid space. Due to blockage, dilation occurs above room CSL. Theoretical formation of CSL too much with an abnormal absorption rate will lead to hydrocephalus, but the clinic is extremely rare. The cause of the CSL flow blockage often occurs in Infants and children is:

1) Congenital abnormalities (Congenital)
a. Stenosis akuaduktus Sylvii
b. Spina bifida and Cranium bifida
c. Dandy-Walker syndrome
d. Arachnoids Cysts and vascular anomalies

2) Infection
Infection can occur meningen attachment. In pathological tissue thickening seen araknoid around piamater and sisterna basalis and other areas. Other causes are infection Toxoplasmosis.

3) Neoplasm
Hydrocephalus by mechanical obstruction can occur at any place of the flow of CSL. Most children who cause obstruction or IV ventricle akuaduktus Sylvii last part of a glioma is usually derived from the cerebellum, clogging the front of the ventricle due kraniofaringioma III.

4) Bleeding
Bleeding before and after birth in the brain, can cause fibrosis leptomeningen especially in the basal region of the brain, other than due to blockage of the blood of the organization's own

What is Steven - Johnson syndrome (SJS , SSJ) ??

Steven-Johnson syndrome (SJS , SSJ) is a collection of clinical symptoms mukokutaneus eruption characterized by a triad vesikulobulosa disorders of the skin, mucous orifice of the eyes accompanied by severe general symptoms. The synonym include: syndrome de Friessinger-Rendu, erythema multiform major eksudativum, erythema poliform bulosa, syndrome-kutaneo MUKO-ocular, dermatostomatitis, etc..

SJS Etiology determined with any certainty is difficult, because the causes of various factors, although in general is often associated with immune response to the drug. Several factors cause SJS including: infections (viruses, fungi, bacteria, parasites), drugs (salicylates, sulfa, penicillin, etambutol, tegretol, tetracyclines, digitalis, contraceptives), food (chocolate), physical (cold air, sunlight, X-rays), etc. (polagen disease, malignancy, pregnancy). Pathogenesis SJS until now not yet clear, although often associated with type III hypersensitivity reactions (immune complex reaction) caused by a
complex of soluble antigens or metabolites with IgM and IgG antibodies and hypersensitivity reactions slow (delayed-type hypersensitivity reactions, type IV) is a reaction mediated by specific T lymphocytes.

Diagnosis directed to the appropriate manifestation of the triad of skin disorders, mucosa, eye, and its relationship to factors that cause clinically there is a target-shaped lesions, or eye sliced beef, abnormalities in the mucosa, fever. Also supported by laboratory tests including peripheral blood examination, examination immunologic, breeding germs and the resistance of the blood test and the lesion, and examination of skin biopsy hystopatologik. Anemia can be found in cases with severe bleeding, leukocytes are usually normal or slightly elevated, there is increased oenophiles. IgG and IgM levels can be high, C3 and C4 are normal or slightly decreased and can be detected circulating immune complexes. Skin biopsy was planned if there is no classic lesions. Imunoflurosesensi director can help diagnose atypical cases.

10 endangered animals of extinction

Black-Feet weasel
Plain area located in North America
Amount remaining: about 1000
The only native ferret is one of the most endangered mammals. In 1986, there only 18 individuals remaining.

there are in Nigeria and Cameroon
Amount remaining: less than 300
The idea for memunahkannya the 80s, this species began to be handled now. Hunted for meat and by the development group, it may not last long.

Gold-Headed Langur
found in Vietnam
Amount remaining: less than 70
It all but wiped out, primates are placed under protection in 2000. They live in danger, but in 2003 it has increased for the first time in a decade

Sumatran tiger
located in Sumatra, Indonesia
Amount remaining: less than 600
This small tigers live only in Sumatra over millions of years, made it difficult to escape the human expansion. Many surviving tigers living in the reserve, but the approximately 100 who live outside the boundaries of the protected area.

Borneo pygmy elephants
located in North Borneo
Amount remaining: about 1500
Shorter than the Asian elephant approximately 20 inches. (50 cm), Borneo pygmy elephant also more benign.

Giant Panda
there are in China, Burma, Vietnam
Amount remaining: less than 2000
Loss of habitat and distribution is a dangerous state of panda-panda. Livestock prisoners and special protection to help the panda survive.

Javan Rhino
found in Indonesia and Vietnam
Amount remaining: less than 60
Maybe this is the rarest large mammals. Horns valued by poachers, and the woods appreciated by the developer.

Polar bears
located in the Arctic polar circle
Amount remaining: less than 25,000
Human development and poaching have long threatened polar bears, but climate change and loss of sea ice is now pushing into the critical list.

located in the Gulf of California.
Amount remaining: 200 to 300
One of the rarest in the world Cetacean, Vaquita threatened by the limited space and pleasure with pemburu2 with nets to catch fish.

Mekong Giant Catfish
located in the Mekong region, Southeast Asia
Amount remaining: hundreds
Appreciated for the very large size (the largest ever caught 646 lb., Or 293 kg), now protected in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, but the fishing continues.