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Taking a Nap is good for our Heart

Not many are aware, taking a nap can help decrease the risk of death, especially in the able-bodied young men. Research conducted by scientists during the Greek period is the six-year siesta for about 30 minutes at least three times a week have a 37 percent risk of experiencing interference lower heart disease.
Experts reveal siesta relax to help people and reduce their stress levels, heart disturbances and even smaller countries are found in routine siesta, although some studies show different results.

Research carried out in Greece this is done on men and 23,681 women in the age range 20 to 86 years. The participants have a record of good health, without a history of suffering from heart disease and other acute diseases.

In six years of study, the participants requested information on their lunch hour to sleep, eating patterns and physical activity routine that they do.

Result, the researchers claim they have a siesta lower risk of suffering heart of interference as much as 34 percent compared to those who do not siesta.

While they sleep the day more than 30 minutes three or more in each week has a record 37 percent lower interference affected the heart.

Taking a nap also can reduce the risk for interference in the heart of the workers, in which approximately 64 percent decreased risk of heart on the risk of death. While the men's unemployment, there were only about 36 percent.

"Sleep disturbances and afternoon blood vessel that has a significant relationship. Phenomena was found in this country that the majority of the population undergoing routine siesta on a regular basis, the results of the mortality rate due to disruption of blood vessel is very low," said research leader Dr. Dimitrios Trichopoulos, Harvard School of of Public Health.
Trichopoulos also said, although various studies about the siesta was conducted with different results, but there are important points that can be drawn from this study, namely: to know so we limit a person's health and ability to control your physical activities.
It's also like June Davison's, a nurse from the British Heart Health Foundation, which states siesta helps reduce the risk of heart attack, especially in the male workers.

"Bedroom afternoon in the middle of the day to help us break relax and separated from the load moment, and that it is very meant for our health. That we must remember is to balance the rest and activity," said Davison.

Davison also said that they are easy to work because of stress tend to giddy with their health behaviors, such as excessive smoking, do not consume healthy food, drink alcoholic beverages-and even forget to exercise. This increase the risk of heart trouble.

Program siesta has been Dilirik Yarde Metals, a company of iron and aluminum industry has a special room for the siesta workers at their office, in Southington, Connecticut. Lunch bedroom has two leather sofas, soft pillows, poor lighting and a feeble-hour weker.

"Although only sleep in a moment, but I can return to gather my energy and create the body shape. I think the siesta must start to adapt in our work routines," said Mark Ekenbarger, engineers Yarde Metals Company, which suffered arterial disorder and must undergo regular siesta top heart doctor for advice.

"Sleeping alone is not a day habit in the United States, because the siesta is the same as the laziness in the business world that is high mobility. However, at this time several offices in the United States began to give more time to sleep for a while 30-40 minutes during lunch break, and the results that they utilize siesta become more productive, "said Bill Anthony, psychological and Boston University author of" The Art of Napping at Work.

6 Most Dangerous Creatures

1. Its sting is also called "Wasp THE SEA"
Hundreds even Thousands the will be felt by the victim.
Can cause up to the chilling effect of shock and tear kulit2nya.

Imagine, if you are punctured with thousands of small and thin in all the time, it seems it is more or less.

It is a chilling animal does this:
Its toxic sting can no longer kill in minutes or seconds, but with pure REFLEX count.

2. This animal is not like the other monsters who love hiding, be aware when its prey come and eat them quickly.

Its bur is located in almost all its body. Its like the animal parade HYPODERMIC poison needle.
each spine is enough to kill the diver in a matter of minutes.
The more scaring thing is not when the victim is death, but the more scaring is when you've been stunned but not die yet
Because the toxic is very harrowing to the victim better amputate their body parts affected by poison page lives than live with the poison.

3. Live in the amazon forest, in southern Brazil.
members of the animal insect "LONOMIA"
original name Taturana Tatarana.

This animals kind is alike with the other that we always see,
but the difference is its bur can kill and eat a dozen victims have each year.
its toxic is the most extreme ANTICOAGULANT available.
ANTICOAGULANT can split the order and destroy blood cells.

4. If you go holiday to Asia or India beaches never wonder what you see. It's a kind of snake that can be in the high seas. It's better for you to stay away from this animal.

The science name of this animal is Enhydrina Schistosa.

It just has 1.5 Milligrams poison

just a little?

but the amount of that toxic is more than enough to make you sleep with sea fishes forever.

Singaporean and Hong Kong people often made this animal as a side dish snakes dinner.

5. They are the only animals that can kill human only with "touch"
Its toxic is not located in the canine or tounge...
but in the skin gland.
Touch it and you will be dead ....
This creature can jump up to 2 meters high so far.

6. Yap it has beautiful shape .... and scanning is not very dangerous. BUT in fact, with its poison (at base of the tip of the mouth) which can shoot like HARPOON arrows, can kill within 4 min.
Death Express ......

Otherwise, your nerves will be inactive and the victim will fall be"frozen" in which there is no muscle that can be in motion.

Due to its great toxic, CIA is developing it into their newest weapons.

[photoshop] WATCH OUT!!! Some plants are ready to attack and destroy us

We must be alert!!!
Cause some plants are making plan to attack our universe in several days,,
Here they are . . . .

Green Tea can reduce Breast Cancer? Really???

Perhaps most women have heard green tea to savor their breast health. However, perhaps some still doubting the truth. Now doubt has been missed. Compound in the green tea can protect from breast cancer attacks.
Green tea was very much beneficial for the health body, other than as mineral oil can also be as restorative ...??!! It was revealed from the beginning of the study conducted by some researchers the United States. In the experiment, they provide some green tea water to mice, while the other only obtain water.

In fact, rats that drink green tea benefit is brisk. Their breast tumor size and the decline the danger and also decreased compared with mice who only drink water. In addition, the mouse tumor and the tea growing more slowly and no longer attack tissues healthy.

Of course, these findings reinforce the presumption that the tea is very beneficial for women's breast health. What, based on the observations so far in the countries that consume green tea diligently every day, the level of female breast cancer is very low. For them, tea is considered as one of the healthy food.

In addition, the main researcher, Dr. Gail Sonenshein, even said that the tea has no harmful side effects. Therefore, people need not fear consume three to five cups tea per day. There is no problem if people diligently drinking green tea as a preventive step.

Lecturer in biochemistry from the Faculty of Medicine, Boston University this add, especially green tea may prevent breast cancer caused by environmental factors. However, he recommends that patients who are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy breast cancer should consult with a doctor before he tried to drink lots of tea.

According to a study published in the Journal of Cellular Biochemistry edition, July 2001, the womb polifenol compound which is very much a role in the tea is protective against cancer as. Polifenol are in a very powerful antioxidants. This compound will neutralize free radicals that cause cancer have become.
Form their own free radicals in the body naturally. This molecule can be harmful to human cells. People suspect that this is one of the molecular causes of cancer, including various types of other diseases such as heart disease.

According to these studies, green tea leaves that have been dried consists of 40% polifenol. In addition to fighting breast cancer, this substance can also believed to reduce the risk of stomach cancer, lung, colon, rectum, liver, and pancreas

I swear they aren't moving !

You'll see them moving around,
if you gaze it randomly

10 Scariest Abandoned Mental Asylums

Whittingham Asylum


Set in woody grounds in Lancashire, the now-decaying Whittingham Asylum was at one stage the largest in Britain. Built in 1869 from the designs of Henry Littler, by 1939 its main building and annexes housed 3533 patients and 548 staff. With its own farms, telephone exchange, post office, reservoirs, gas works, orchestra, brass band, butchers and brewery – plus railway station – Whittingham was the epitome of a self-contained asylum. It also pioneered the use of EEG, the recording of the brain’s electrical activity.

Surreal decay and growth: Hallway and day room in Whittingham Asylum


The military took over the asylum during WWI and II, before large institutions like Whittingham fell out of favour with the Mental Health Act of 1960. Allegations of abuse against patients in Whittingham also led to a public inquiry and staff were dismissed. Patients were given new therapies and relocated during the ’70s and ’80s, and the hospital was at last closed in 1995. Since then, this massive site has been derelict and in a bad state of disrepair, one section has been flattened, and plans are underway for redevelopment.

Hellingly Asylum

If abandoned asylums are seen as creepy places then names like Hellingly Asylum don’t help. On top of a hill overlooking the East Sussex countryside lie the decrepit remains of this once grand psychiatric hospital – soon to be no more. Built by GT Hine, one of the esteemed asylum architects of his time, Hellingly opened its doors in 1903, and was a prime example of the ‘splendid isolation’ philosophy evident in the design of institutional buildings of the era. Self-sufficient for years, it even had its own tram and railway.

Rotting Carcass: Hellingly Asylum fire damage and corridors


Until quite recently Hellingly retained its sense of isolation but sadly is currently being stripped out by contractors, ready to be razed to the ground. Most of Hellingly’s buildings were closed in 1994, after which it grew increasingly run-down and suffered attacks by vandals, not least arson. Urban explorers were drawn here due to its size, extensive grounds, great dilapidation, and stand-out features – including its vast laundry, patients’ shop, sewing rooms, water tower, large boiler house and inspiring ballroom.

Denbigh Asylum


Denbigh Asylum in North Wales offers a magnificent, even daunting exterior to the outside world, but inside is rotting away. Built between 1846 and 1848 from plans drawn up by Thomas Fulljames, this pioneering example of early Victorian asylum architecture was constructed because of the appalling conditions faced by Welsh people with mental health problems. Originally Denbigh only housed 200 patients, but to relieve overcrowding it was later extended, reaching its peak capacity of 1,500 in 1956.

Dark and decaying: Denbigh Asylum corridor and main hall

Denbigh was finally closed in 1995, and its limestone Grade II listed building – surrounded by acres of wooded, landscaped grounds originally donated by a local landowner – was left to ruin. Destructive human action has played its part in Denbigh’s demise, with machinery stripped and rooms smashed to pieces. Meanwhile, natural decay has also set in, such that sections of the floor have rotted through, making navigation difficult if not dangerous. Ironically, the most intact part of Denbigh is its morgue.

St Mary’s Asylum


Battered but not yet broken, St Mary’s Asylum in Northumberland lies in an isolated location yet with several access routes to its chapel, superintendent’s residence and main entrance. Its compact arrow plan was the work of GT Hine, and is not unlike that the same architect designed for Hellingly – also in similarly red-brick in style. Opened in 1914, St Mary’s was soon commandeered during WWI; then, after the modification of the isolation hospital to form a sanatorium for TB patients, it was again used through WWII.

Derelict but not forgotten: Old hall and dilapidated corridor in St Mary’s Asylum


Despite various proposals for redeveloping St Mary’s, today this relic from a bygone era of mental health treatment is disused apart from a few occupied staff residences. The Grade II listed buildings have remained in remarkably good condition, probably because of their remote location, though the boiler house chimney has collapsed due to structural failure and its emergency medical huts were demolished prior to the hospital’s closure in 1995. Most of the equipment has now been taken from inside; most but not all.

West Park Asylum


West Park Asylum in Surrey is a sprawling complex of red-brick buildings that radiate out from idiotically the burnt-out shell of its central hall. Designed by William C. Clifford-Smith, and opened in the 1923 after use during WWII, it was the last in a long legacy of psychiatric hospitals in the London area. West Park was built to the American ‘colony’ plan, with wards clustered together in the same building, creating isolated communities, and each building linked to the others via a web-like maze of corridors.

Decaying interior: West Park Asylum nursery and day room

West Park housed up to 2000 patients of mixed class and so needed to be large, with enormous kitchens and extensive boiler houses and plant rooms. Yet in the mid ’90s the hospital fell into neglect and by 2003 was all but closed. A few outer wards remain in use, but West Park is now derelict, its impressive buildings slowly going to ruin. That said, it does draw urban explorers, who are able to see patients’ belongings still strewn around, hospital items like beds and equipment, and even a padded cell.

High Royds Asylum


With its 130-ft tall clock tower dominating the surrounding West Yorkshire landscape, High Royds Asylum is perhaps the most grandiose presented here – a stunning piece of architecture replete with Italian mosaics and elegant tile work. With its intricate details and dramatic views, this 300-acre Grade II listed site has been compared to a palace rather than a psychiatric institution. Even so, it has deteriorated a great deal since its closure in 2003, and is currently being redeveloped for housing.

Ghosts of High Royds Asylum: Inside the hallways and wards

Opened in 1888 as the West Riding Pauper Lunatic Asylum, High Royds was designed by J. Vickers-Edwards and is arguably the finest example of a broad arrow layout. Self-contained like Hellingly and West Park, High Royds formerly boasted a library, surgery, butchers, dairy, tailor, sweetshop, bakers and cobblers – as well as its own railway system – and at one stage could house up to 1,300 patients. Today the energy of High Royds’ past residents is said to still be present despite its demise.

Severalls Asylum


Ranging over 300-acres, but now-fenced off and hazardous, time was when Severalls Asylum housed some 2000 patients. Designed by Frank Whitmore and opened in 1913, it was based on the ‘echelon plan’, with buildings linked to one another by a network of interconnecting corridors, allowing staff to move around without having to brave the weather. Most of the structures were built in an unembellished, typically Edwardian style, and those still standing have changed little since the hospital’s closure in 1997.

Echelon bowels: Interconnected corridors riddling Severalls Asylum

Although doubtless not alone, Severalls was an asylum where psychiatrists were free to experiment on patients using treatments now considered inhumane – like electro-convulsive therapy and frontal lobotomy – before reforms were introduced in the ’60s. Today, its buildings have suffered vandalism and fire attacks, leading to the demolition of the charred main hall in 2007, yet people are still attracted by the remnants of Severalls’ past – including leftover medical equipment and a mortuary containing body refrigerators.

Deva Asylum


In the grounds of the still-in-use Countess of Chester Hospital is an abandoned gem in Deva Asylum. Opened in 1829, it was originally designed by William Cole Jr. to house up to 500 patients, but over the years was expanded with new annexes until it could finally hold over 1,500. The asylum eventually closed in 2005 and since then has lain deserted and exposed to the forces of nature. Yet despite this, some sections look as though they are still in use – if that is you ignore the discarded patient logs.

Do not enter: Hazard room and hallway inside Deva Asylum


Though completely derelict, Deva is beautifully preserved. Certain parts are even said to have power and running water, while its cramped rooms, labs and pharmacy are in good condition. Other notable features include the legendary hazard room painted as an art piece a few years back, high security seclusion cells, and an intact dentist’s chair tucked away deep inside the bowels of the service tunnels. Decay is naturally present in the old tiled corridors and stone spiral steps, but Deva also has an untouched quality.

St John’s Asylum


An abandoned asylum with an imposing water tower, St John’s in Lincolnshire also features a freshly restored facade – though the interior is another story. Opened in 1852 based on designs by John R. Hamilton, the hospital was originally built to house 250 inmates, but was enlarged at later dates. The early inmates were sometimes referred to as ‘visitors’, but as well as cultivating the grounds to provide vegetables and disposing of sewage, they were doubtless also subjected to bodily restraints that belied such a name.

The darkness within: Corridor and skeletal staircase in St John’s Asylum


St John’s was shut down in 1989 and bought by developers who have converted half of the site into houses, but the main asylum buildings are Grade II listed and so cannot be demolished. The interior, however, is little more than a shell. Practically every room is stripped bare, although the Y-shaped stairwell remains of interest; so too the extremely cramped cells lining the long, barren corridors. The grounds of St John’s formerly had their own cemetery together with chapel and mortuary, now no more.

Cane Hill Asylum

With the exception of its huge chapel and water tower, Cane Hill Asylum in Croydon, Greater London now lies totally flattened. However, there was a time when its boiler houses, mortuary and tunnels – all set in acres of lush woodland – were legendary to those fascinated by abandoned places in the UK. Arson attacks coupled with structural damage from the elements took a heavy toll, and demolition commenced in July 2001 – a sorry decline for a hospital opened in 1883 which at its peak housed up to 2,000 patients.

Gnawing disrepair: On the wards and visiting the dentist in Cane Hill Asylum

The main buildings of Cane Hill were designed by Charles Henry Howell and the hospital given a Latin motto that translates: ‘I bring relief to troubled minds’. Whether it did or not, in its day Cane Hill was held as an example for the treatment of the mentally ill. This imposing Victorian asylum remained largely untouched until the ’60s when Health Minister Enoch Powell called for the closure of the asylums. By 1991, it had closed all but its secure units and was heavily underused by the time it was shut down in 2008.

Wanna know how human eyes taste??? Ask him. . . .

A prisoner in Texas, Andre Thomas 25 years, ate his own eyes right. Fortunately it was quick and he was driven to the hospital.
Previously he was jailed, because the murder case that threatened the death penalty. He kiled his wife and his 2 children.
He was Suspected mental illness he experienced.

Stay Healthy, with only drinking Mineral Water

Without money for medicines, tablets, injections, diagnosis, physician wages, etc..
Only drinking water, diseases below can be cured. You will not believe before to do so. Below is a list of diseases that can be cured by this therapy:

1. Headaches
2. Asthma
3. Hosthortobics
4. High blood
5. Bronchitis
6. Diabetes
7. Bloodless
8. TB
9. Lungs disorder
10. Eye Diseases
11. Rheumatism
12. Brain inflammation
13. Paralysis
14. Kidney stones
15. Hapa Disorders 16. Obesity
17. Disease ureter
18. Leukemia
19. Inflammation / joint Pain Management
20. Excess acid fiber
21. Cancer hybrid
22. Mucous membrane inflammation
23. Diarrhea
24. Breast Cancer
25. Heart Disorders
26. Dysentery
27. Throat inflammation
28. Hemorrhoid
29. Constipation
30. Cough

How Water That Works?

Drink water with the usual method that is correct, cleanse the human body. This makes the colon work more effectively with the new form of blood, known in medical terms as aematopaises. That mucousal Fold in the large intestine and small intestine activated by this method, a fact cannot be banned,
such as the theory that new fresh blood is produced by this mucousal Fold. When the bowel clean, the nutrition of food eaten several times a day and will be working with mucousal Fold, nutritional food is changed into new blood.

Blood is the most important in the cure of disease and maintain health, and therefore the water should be consumed regularly.

How to do that?

Morning when you wake up to sleep (even without a toothbrush first) drink 1.5 liters of water, that is 5 to 6 glasses. Better by measuring water advance of 1.5 liters.

After that you can wash your face. It is important to note that do not drink or eat anything an hour before and after drinking 1.5 liters of this water. Have also been examined carefully that should not be drinking alcohol on the night before. If necessary, use boiled water or water that is filtered.

Do we have to Drink it up to 1.5 Liter at once?

For a start, it may be difficult to have a drink 1.5 liters of water at once, but slowly will be habited. Firstly, when the exercises, you should drink 4 glasses first and the rest who drink 2 glass two minutes later. Initially you will move a small 2 to 3 times in one hour, but after some time, will be normal again. According to the research and experience, the following diseases can be cured with this therapy, such as in the below:

Constipation - 1 Day
TB - 3 Months
Diabetes - Day 7
Muscle Disorder- Day 2
Blood pressure - 4 Sunday
Cancer - 4 Sunday

It is recommended that people with inflammation / joint pain and rheumatism implement this therapy three times a day, in the morning, afternoon, and evening one hour before food for one week, then twice daily until it's healed.

Increase Your Blog Traffic

Usually people make a blog to provide information to other people, while it will not materialize if the blog visitors quiet. There are several factors that cause, among others: blog has not yet been found by many people, the blog that is not user friendly, and the content (posts) are not interesting enough.

First, when the blog has not been found means that the implementation of SEO in the blog are not optimal, so averse to detect search engines and the results are still blank in the search list. So that the steady SEO you, please try again and learned to make posting SEO tips that cover problematic quite right keywords, optimizing a blog, post optimization, meta tags, links, and other tips. Then another variable why you have not found a blog can also be lazy because you walk to see and comment on another blog ( "blog walking").

Second, the view that blog seemed to fall apart and difficult to read and contains navigation menus that are difficult to understand. This is also affecting or not to be a visitor is in your blog for long time. Blog with a color that is good, but seemed disorganized and difficult to read also affect the number of visitors to your blog. Try to imagine, when you come to the blog optimization blog and you see a post in the sidebar or blog title and description to stray OB footer (so it is funny). In addition, The higher the level of difficulty of a navigation menu in the blog, the more reluctant visitor spend his time in the blog for long time. So essentially you have to set the blog layout is effective and efficient , so that visitors explore free contents of your blog without the means to meet obstacles.

Third, the content (posts) that may be less interesting by the tittle, posting the same content, and exact. Although the post was published by others, but when described with the words that will give a different value for you blog. Original impression will appear invisible, if a posting in the translated words of interest and bring a sense of calm in the heart and mind based on your own. But this should not even be the advice you so that one wishes to copy and paste other people posting. But how is that, if you can make your own posting results. And do not forget to continue to post to update you at least 2 (two) times in a week.

After reading the description above, it is clear that the quiet, or not depending on visitors to the blog and blog owner. If you blog to appear neat and trim, the visitor will be interested in itself. In addition to the blog owner who has a mind and heart pure bloggers, it will also create a dynamic atmosphere of harmony in the minds and hearts of readers.

Kinds Of Antibody

God had made so many creatures in this world, such as human, animal, plant and also virus.
Virus is one of bad creature, which can attack animal, plant and humans' body.

In the human body has also been given the form of preparation of troops ready for combat against the virus or bacteria and parasites cause disease so the body's immune system is produced. This army is cell-Limfosit B cells (B cells) generated by the spinal marrow, which produces cell limfosit this weapon is called antibody. Antibody is composed on the protein-protein called immunoglobuline IG abbreviated. In addition, be by the human body's immune system not only viruses, and parasites bacteria course, but also include cell-cell tumor or cancer.

Immunoglobuline has a very important role for the human body's immune system. Viruses, bacteria and parasites cause disease is also called antigen. When antigen enters the human body, IG will be attached on the surface of the antigen and help to destroy it.

There's 5 types ofImmunoglobuline, they are IgG, Iga, IgM, IgD, and IgE. Here is the function of each antibody is:

1. IgG, the most widely found in the blood (about 80%) and has a strong effect most likely to go against the antigen. IgG is the only antibody that can penetrate placenta pregnant women because of the size of the protein is very small, so the fetus can be protected from possible infection.

2. IgA, there are many in the mucosa area , such as respiratory channel and channel urinal. Work to prevent terkumpulnya antigen.

3. IgM, eliminatethe antigen before there are a lot of IgG.

4. IgD, its main function is antigen receptor or in other words as the introduction of antigen by cell B.

5. IgE, a role in allergic events. Also helps fight infection in the worms.

Health Test (Alzheimer)

What is Alzheimer ?
Alzheimer is not a disease 'childlike because old age, that's just because of simply process of aging. Instead, it is a kind of health problem that is very harrowing and should be given attention. Alzheimer is a disease that often befall people - the great and famous, for example, only Enid Blyton, Charles Bronson, Wistin Churchill, and Ronald Reagan.

Now I have a test that can tell u, whether you have Alzheimer or not !
Check it out !

1. Find "C". Don't use your cursor as the helper.


2. If you've found "C", now find "6".

9999999999999999999 9999999999999999 999999999999999 99999999999999
9999999999999999999 9999999999999999 999999999999999 99999999999999999
9999999999999999999 9999999999999999 999999999999999 99999999999999999
9999699999999999999 9999999999999999 999999999999999 99999999999999999
9999999999999999999 9999999999999999 999999999999999 99999999999999999
9999999999999999999 9999999999999999 999999999999999 99999999999999

3. It's a bit more difficult, find "N".


4. More difficult, find "O".


5. Now find "I"


If you can pass these 3 tests, you don't have to visit you neurolog.
'Cause Your brain is still far from Alzheimer.

But if you can't do these well, I think you better visit your neurolog as soon as possible !!