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Kinds and Function of Chocolate

Chocolate is the name for the food prepared from cocoa beans. Chocolate is generally given as a gift or gifts at holidays. With the shape, style, and unique taste, chocolate is often used as an expression of gratitude, sympathy, or attention. Even as a declaration of love. Chocolate also has become one of the most popular flavors in the world, as well as a chocolate bar most commonly consumed, chocolate is also the subject of warm and cold drinks

Couverture chocolate is the best kind. This pure chocolate with a percentage kakaonya high fat, resulting in a very good flavor. Usually used for making hand-made chocolate products. Before use, this type of chocolate through the process of temper (melt) first.

This type of good chocolate is used for cookies, cakes, and various other snacks. The percentage of cocoa mass varied between 30-70 percent. The higher concentration of cocoa mass, the better its flavor.

Type of this chocolate is a mixture of sugar, cocoa, melted chocolate, milk, and vanilla. This type of chocolate consumed at most. Kakaonya mass low enough, only 20 percent and it is sweeter than plain chocolate. Chocolate is certainly a favorite of children because it can be directly consumed by a sweet taste. Content of milk makes sense to be more gentle. If you want to make a cake, this type of chocolate is not a good choice. Apart from relatively small content of chocolate, chocolate is easily burned when melted.

White chocolate generally does not contain a high cocoa mass. In addition to direct consumption, white chocolate is often used for decoration. Chocolate is made from chocolate fat, sugar, and vanilla that does not contain cocoa solids. Because easy charred, it's good cooked carefully.

This one chocolate products made from cocoa mass after fat kakaonya separated. This product is very easy to be processed and economical. Can be found in shops around where you live.

Liquid chocolate is a product of beverages containing cocoa mass and contain high sugar levels. Sugar levels, so-called ringleaders weight increased.


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