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Hepatitis A [part 1]

Hepatitis is a disease caused by some type of virus that attacks and causes inflammation and damage to cells of organs human heart. Hepatitis is categorized in several classes, among hepatitis A, B, C, D, E, F and G. But here we will focus on the disease Hepatitis A, B and C.

# Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A Hepatitis is a disease of the minor and rarely cause death, Virus hepatitis A (VHA = Hepatitis A virus) spreading through the dirt / feces moves through which people with food and beverages is contaminated, not through sexual activity or through the blood. For example, fish or shellfish that comes from the area of water by sewage which is wasted by human patients.

Hepatitis A disease has a incubation period of 2 to 6 weeks since infection occurs, the patient and show some signs and symptoms of disease Hepatitis A.

1. Hepatitis A Symptoms
In the first week, the person who are getting this, will turn to be yellow, fatigue, fever, loss of appetite to eat, vomiting, dizziness and urine color is jet black. Fever is a fever that occurs continuously, not like a fever the other on the dengue fever, tuberculosis, thypus, etc..

2. Handling of Medicine and Hepatitis A
Patients who show symptoms of hepatitis A, such as the emergence of the first week which is called jaundice, tired, and so on, is not expected for many activity and immediately visit the nearest health facility servant for the treatment of symptoms that arise, such as paracetamol for fever and headache reliever, vitamins to increase body resistance and appetite, and drugs that reduce the feeling of nausea and vomiting.

And steps can be taken as a prevention effort is to wash hands thoroughly, and injection immunization is recommended for someone who is the sufferer.

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