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The danger of Formaldehyde

Formalin is a trademark of formaldehyde (also called metanal), is aldehida, of gas. Formaldehyde is synthesized initially by Russian chemist, Aleksandr Butlerov year 1859, but identified by Hoffman year 1867.

Formaldehyde can be produced from burning materials containing carbon. Contented in smoke from forest fires, car exhaust and tobacco smoke. In the atmosphere of earth, the formaldehyde produced by the action of sunlight and oxygen to the methane and hidrocarbonmetabolitorganism, including humans. With others in the atmosphere. In the formaldehyde content also produced very small as most

Although the free formaldehyde in the air in gas form, but can be dissolved in water (usually sold in 37% solvent content using the trademark or formalin formol). In water, formaldehyde polimerisasi experience, very few existing in the form of monomer H2CO. Generally, this solution contains a few percent metanol to limit the polymerization. Formalin is formaldehyde solution in water, with the rate between 10% -40%.

Although formaldehyde show nature in general, such as chemical aldehyde, this compound more reactive than other aldehyde. Formaldehyde is elecktrofill, can be used in the aromatic substitution reaction elektrofilik and aromatic substance and may experience a reaction addition elektrofilik and alkena. Because the situation hydro catalyst, formaldehyde can produce an acid reaction Cannizaro format and metanol.

Formaldehyde can form a trimer cyclic, 1,3,5-trioksan or polymer linier polioksimetilen. Formation of this substance makes the behavior of formaldehyde gas is different from the ideal gas law, especially in high-pressure air or cold.
Formaldehyde can be oxidated by oxygen atmosphere clabber format, because the formaldehyde solution and diisolasi have to be closed so that air is not possessed.

The influence of the Board

Because formaldehyde resin used in construction materials such as plywood / triplex, carpet, and spray foam insulation and, because the resin and this release formaldehyde slowly, formaldehyde is a pollutant in the room which is often found. If the measure in the air more than 0.1 mg / kg, which is absorbed formaldehyde can cause an irritation of mukosa head membrane, which caused the water out the eyes, dizziness, sore throat, and mugginess.

If exposed to formaldehyde in the number of lots, terminum for example, can cause death. In the human body, formaldehyde is converted format so acid that increase the acidity of blood, draw a short breath, and often, hypothermia, also commas, or, to the death.
In the body, formaldehyde can tie DNA by protein, so that the genetic expression of normal. Animal experiments that suck formaldehyde steadily fell ill cancer in the nose and the throat, as well as experienced by employees cutting board articles. However, there are studies that show when the formaldehyde content in the less, as used in the building, does not cause influence carcinogenic against living creatures that are exposed to oxygen.

First occurs when the acute toxication
First depending on the concentration of liquids and symptoms experienced by the victims. Prior to the hospital, give active charcoal (norit) when available. Do not make the stimulus so that the victim vomits, because it will cause a risk of trauma to the corrosive channel digested over. Usually in the hospital medical team will perform Rinse stomach (gastric lavage), to give active charcoal (although the provision of active charcoal will disrupt vision at endoscopy). Endoscopic action is to diagnose the occurrence of trauma esofagus and digested channel. Formalin to increase the elimination of the body can be done hemodyalisis (wash the blood). This action is required if the victim shows signs acidosis metabolic weight


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