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Hepatitis C [part 3]

Hepatitis C disease is a liver disease caused by Hepatitis C virus (VHC). The process through contact move (blood transfusion, syringe (contaminated), insects that bite of other people around). Hepatitis C patients sometimes do not show obvious symptoms, but people with Hepatitis C in the chronicles cause damage / death of cells and liver cancer was detected as a (cancer) heart. Some 85% of cases, Hepatitis C infections become chronic and slowly damage the liver for many years.

1. Hepatitis C Symptoms
People with Hepatitis C is often a person with Hepatitis C do not show symptoms, although infection has occurred for many years. However, some symptoms that are vague; Tired, Lost taste food, Health stomach, a dark and Urin Skin or eyes become yellow, which is called "jaundice" (rare). In some cases, can be found in the liver enzyme increased urine examination, however, in patients Hepatitis C is liver enzyme sometimes even normal fluctuations.

2. Handling and Treatment Hepatitis C
Currently, Hepatitis C treatment is done with the delivery of drugs such as Interferon alpha, Pegylated Interferon alpha and Ribavirin. The purpose of treatment of Hepatitis C is a virus from your body as early as possible to prevent the development of the end of the stadium and worsen liver disease. Treatment on people with Hepatitis C who take a long time even in people with certain things can not be helped, it is necessary for handling the initial stages.


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