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Owen Thor Walker, New Zealand hacker origin, be present as a cyber security consultant by TelstraClear, the second-largest telecommunications company in the country. TelstraClear is the son of Australia's largest telecommunications company, Telstra.

TelstraClear believes that Walker has the ability to assist senior executives and customers understand the security threats that can attack their networks

Last year, Walker tried on the success of data penetrate 1.3 million computers around the world. Hacker by the name of this fictitious AKILL also damage the computer system and go through a number of bank accounts and steal more than US$ 12,6 billion. At that time, the new Walker aged 18.

It is not surprising he was a division officer wanted internet crime investigators from the Bureau of the United States (U.S.), FBI. The AKILL already worried of computer users in the U.S. and Europe.

In front of the judge, the court in the city of Hamilton, New Zealand, he pleaded guilty on six criminal indictment internet. The judge at that time only impose penalties and fines to the Walker and prohibit using the computer.

However, a group helping with the Walker pay fines and return the money so that they can claim on Walker revoked and youth is released.

Mirams, said Walker had some counseling and providing advice to managers and security staff TelstraClear. Walker also participated in the program ad TelstraClear. Walker tells what are the cyber criminals and how to fortify their networks from the threat.

Some of the many hackers send electronic mail to the company's computer system or the government so that the excess capacity of the mailbox and enter the system.


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