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10 Most Mysterious Creatures

1. Ahool

Ahool is a kind of flying-giant bat. Its wing length is about 7 feet. This creature had ever been seen in Java island, Indonesia.

2. Agogwe

Agogwe is a very tiny creature like human and he's often seen in the east of Africa

3. Arabhar

Arabhar is just like Ahool, but it's a kind of snake. It also has ability to fly and people believe that he lives in laut Arab.

4. Tsuchinoko

A rare and strange snake specimen, it has big stomach like a bottle and it also has a tail like rat .Somebody saw it in Hokaido, Jepang.

5. Yeti

A kind of Bigfoot. He is the "Owner" of Himalaya.

6. Buru

A black lizard that is 15 feet length. Found in Himalaya but people thought it's been extincted. The pictures above is the description of this creature.

7. JerseyDevil

It's like a horse but hands and wings like bat and. It stands with 2 feet, and found in New Jersey, USA.

8. Mokele-Mbembe

Some people say that they are dinosaurs and still Kongo, Afrika.

9. Mothman

This creature is a half of human and bat. It has no neck, has wings and it's also red-eyed owner. It's seen for the first time in 1966 and it's identified as the UFH ( Unidentified Flying Humanoid).

10. Ogopogo

Monster of the sea that's like Nessie in Loch Ness. But they're found in Okanagan, Canada.

huh,, what a 10 Most Mysterious Animals !!!


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