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10 Spiciest Food in The Wolrd

Let's see from the most spicy. . .

1. Indonesian "Sambal Ulek" This is the spiciest food in the world.
Indonesian chili has 10 times more spicy than Thai Bird's Eye Chili.

According to the tongue of "un-Indonesian", "sambal ulek" is sooo spicy, and the only way to keep a sense spiciness, is to eat other food as much as possible. Comments from "un-Indonesian", after eating "sambal ulek" they usually feel like losing their lips.
Wanna try??

2.Wot – Ethiopia
Many people do not think that Africa is able to donate spicy food, do not be wrong. Ethiopia is famous with Wot. This is the second most spicy food in the world, after Indonesian "Sambel Ulek". Wot the most often favors one pound of seasoned onion and garlic, some ginger ons, and barbere (mixture of dried spices and dried chilli) that extraordinary amount of vitriolic in no less chilling.

Food extraordinary challenge is made from chicken broth, spices such as that given above, and boiled for several hours, until all the feeling that there are mixed evenly, and heat from the chilli and spices are also not left behind a bit. Once cooked, the food is presented on the plate injera (a kind of bread) and boiled eggs are given a bonus intact!

3. Vindaloo – India
Mostar ingredients such as seeds, dried chili, coriander, ginger, fennel, everything is always there.

Vindaloo is spicy, because the meat used in this dish soaked in vinegar, plus a spicy flavor earlier, all of which will work together to make the meat that is more puncture and bite!

4. Jerk Chicken – Karibia
Not only crazy, but this food is delicious and also very fun. Various ingredients are ingredients that have special areas of Asia and Africa, of a warm and delicious. All spice, cloves, cinnamon, spring onion, nutmeg, thyme and garlic, all donated warm feeling, strengthened by the Scotch Bonnet chili able to create the confusion after the swallow.

5. Chicken wings Suicide - United States
Things which are always mixed are Tabasco sauce, chili discount dry, and chopped fresh chili

6. Bibimbap with KIMCHI - Korea

Bibimbap? KIMCHI? It's strange aight? ..Let's one by one we see. KIMCHI is sauerkraut, a spicy garlic, onion, chili, and ginger! Spicy? Certainly, too hot! Sauerkraut fermentation period is several months, so can be, taste spicy onion and chili and ginger to be sure that sting!

Bibimbap is a typical classical Korean food, which consists of rice, fried vegetables, meat, eggs and fried .. chilli ...

7. Papa a la Huancaina - Peru
Snacks such as potato salad, which contains the cold boiled potatoes, and served with sauce Huancaina. Serving food is always fully involve leaf lettuce, black olive fruit, seed corn, boiled eggs and discounts. Huancaina sauce is what makes it extra spicy, because the addition of cheese, condensed milk, salt, a material is called the Amarillo chili chili, the rather spicy!

8. Radish with Sichuan Pepper - China
In general, fresh salad served with a slightly sour taste, but this salad is very different. Radish with Sichuan Pepper (whole) and a snippet of cayenne. So in this food you will find a sweet taste, spicy, and restless. Indeed, food is served with brilliant .. and burning .. Chili used? Bird's Eye Chilis. If the chili is still lacking, remember, there Sichuan Pepper intact. It seems, is described with interesting, acid-sour, spicy, or a tourist , simply says: like chewing mine!

9. Shrimp Creole - United States.
This cuisine originated from the Southern United States, and is a comfort food for those who feel like a burn mouth cavity. Flavor and food is simple, such as chili, tomatoes, shrimp and chicken, and spicy taste of food is obtainable from the fresh chili and Cayenne pepper.

10. Tom Yum - Thailand.
Spicy sour soup from Thailand is indeed very seduce, and entrap the aroma promises a spicy sting. Variation of Tom Yum many are Tom Yum Gai (chicken) or Tom Yum Pla (seafood), spicy taste that comes from the Thai chili called Bird's Eye Chilis, lime juice and rough-skinned citrus leaves.


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