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Down Syndrome Or Trisommi 21

Down syndrome is a genetic disease which happened on the people because an error occur during cell division, one cell has two 21st chromosomes instead of one, so the resulting fertilized egg has three 21st chromosomes (called trisommi 21) and often leads to mental retardation.

Down syndrome children may have physical development and mental development problems, typically they grow slowly and remain smaller than other children of similar age and also children with down syndrome are have mental retardation, or cognitive disability and other developmental delays.Those children who diagnosed as down syndrome may also have other health problems, such as heart disease, dementia, intestines, thyroid, hearing and skeleton problem.

The chance of having a baby with Down syndrome increases as a woman gets older. Down syndrome cannot be cured. However, many people with Down syndrome live productive lives well into adulthood.

In other word, People with Down syndrome are first and foremost human beings who have recognizable physical characteristics and limited intellectual endowments which are due to the presence of an extra chromosome 21.


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