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6 Most Dangerous Creatures

1. Its sting is also called "Wasp THE SEA"
Hundreds even Thousands the will be felt by the victim.
Can cause up to the chilling effect of shock and tear kulit2nya.

Imagine, if you are punctured with thousands of small and thin in all the time, it seems it is more or less.

It is a chilling animal does this:
Its toxic sting can no longer kill in minutes or seconds, but with pure REFLEX count.

2. This animal is not like the other monsters who love hiding, be aware when its prey come and eat them quickly.

Its bur is located in almost all its body. Its like the animal parade HYPODERMIC poison needle.
each spine is enough to kill the diver in a matter of minutes.
The more scaring thing is not when the victim is death, but the more scaring is when you've been stunned but not die yet
Because the toxic is very harrowing to the victim better amputate their body parts affected by poison page lives than live with the poison.

3. Live in the amazon forest, in southern Brazil.
members of the animal insect "LONOMIA"
original name Taturana Tatarana.

This animals kind is alike with the other that we always see,
but the difference is its bur can kill and eat a dozen victims have each year.
its toxic is the most extreme ANTICOAGULANT available.
ANTICOAGULANT can split the order and destroy blood cells.

4. If you go holiday to Asia or India beaches never wonder what you see. It's a kind of snake that can be in the high seas. It's better for you to stay away from this animal.

The science name of this animal is Enhydrina Schistosa.

It just has 1.5 Milligrams poison

just a little?

but the amount of that toxic is more than enough to make you sleep with sea fishes forever.

Singaporean and Hong Kong people often made this animal as a side dish snakes dinner.

5. They are the only animals that can kill human only with "touch"
Its toxic is not located in the canine or tounge...
but in the skin gland.
Touch it and you will be dead ....
This creature can jump up to 2 meters high so far.

6. Yap it has beautiful shape .... and scanning is not very dangerous. BUT in fact, with its poison (at base of the tip of the mouth) which can shoot like HARPOON arrows, can kill within 4 min.
Death Express ......

Otherwise, your nerves will be inactive and the victim will fall be"frozen" in which there is no muscle that can be in motion.

Due to its great toxic, CIA is developing it into their newest weapons.


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