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Increase Your Blog Traffic

Usually people make a blog to provide information to other people, while it will not materialize if the blog visitors quiet. There are several factors that cause, among others: blog has not yet been found by many people, the blog that is not user friendly, and the content (posts) are not interesting enough.

First, when the blog has not been found means that the implementation of SEO in the blog are not optimal, so averse to detect search engines and the results are still blank in the search list. So that the steady SEO you, please try again and learned to make posting SEO tips that cover problematic quite right keywords, optimizing a blog, post optimization, meta tags, links, and other tips. Then another variable why you have not found a blog can also be lazy because you walk to see and comment on another blog ( "blog walking").

Second, the view that blog seemed to fall apart and difficult to read and contains navigation menus that are difficult to understand. This is also affecting or not to be a visitor is in your blog for long time. Blog with a color that is good, but seemed disorganized and difficult to read also affect the number of visitors to your blog. Try to imagine, when you come to the blog optimization blog and you see a post in the sidebar or blog title and description to stray OB footer (so it is funny). In addition, The higher the level of difficulty of a navigation menu in the blog, the more reluctant visitor spend his time in the blog for long time. So essentially you have to set the blog layout is effective and efficient , so that visitors explore free contents of your blog without the means to meet obstacles.

Third, the content (posts) that may be less interesting by the tittle, posting the same content, and exact. Although the post was published by others, but when described with the words that will give a different value for you blog. Original impression will appear invisible, if a posting in the translated words of interest and bring a sense of calm in the heart and mind based on your own. But this should not even be the advice you so that one wishes to copy and paste other people posting. But how is that, if you can make your own posting results. And do not forget to continue to post to update you at least 2 (two) times in a week.

After reading the description above, it is clear that the quiet, or not depending on visitors to the blog and blog owner. If you blog to appear neat and trim, the visitor will be interested in itself. In addition to the blog owner who has a mind and heart pure bloggers, it will also create a dynamic atmosphere of harmony in the minds and hearts of readers.


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